About Us

LARM (Latin American Relocation Management) is a leader in global mobility, providing dedicated support and custom solutions for people and businesses

For over 25 years, we have been the first choice for corporate clients seeking expert assistance as they relocate to, from and around Latin America and the Caribbean. With LARM, customers know they have ease, efficiency, and experience on their side.

We pride ourselves on being professional, cost-effective, and comprehensive in our approach to relocation support.

Our Services

Whether it’s the next step in your career or an opportunity for your family, moving to a new country Is a big decision. It’s normal to have a lot of questions and seek friendly assistance along the way.

KNOW US is a trusted partner who will stay by your side from start to finish—which means, in addition to continued access to essential services, you’ll also benefit from personal support every step of the way.

We Cover

LARM offers a complete range of relocation services in 27 countries across Latin America & the Caribbean.

Our knowledge of each country’s unique customs, culture and potential challenges allows us to provide specific insights that permit our clients and their families to settle into their new life with a complete sense of comfort, certainty, and support.Our presence and infrastructure allow us to offer on the ground support through our expert team who is locally present in our countries, living and breathing the local culture.

Nuestra presencia e infraestructura nos permite ofrecer apoyo en el terreno a través de nuestro equipo de expertos que está presente localmente en nuestros países, viviendo y respirando la cultura local.

Individual Relocation

If you are planning on moving to a new city or country to start the next chapter of your life, for professional or personal reasons, LARM is here to ensure that you get the warmest welcome.


Choose your place of origin and destination.


Build your package according to what’s important to you.


Let LARM be the all-knowing sidekick you always wanted.


Let us deliver you to your dream life, easier than you ever imagined.


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