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Whether it’s the next step in your career or an opportunity for your family, moving to a new country Is a big decision. It’s normal to have a lot of questions and seek friendly assistance along the way.

LARM is a trusted partner who will stay by your side from start to finish—which means, in addition to continued access to essential services, you’ll also benefit from personal support every step of the way.

Our Services

From physically moving your belongings to embracing the right frame of mind, relocating always goes more smoothly with guidance from professionals who have walked others through the same journey. We will find mobility solutions that suit your schedule and budget, from diligent planning before the move to connecting you with a team of local specialists when you arrive.

You might require insights about local schools, neighborhoods, business customs, or translators to help you complete the necessary paperwork in a timely manner. Whether it’s helping you find the local grocery store or outlining steps for family unification in a new country,

LARM personalizes its services to best fit the specific needs of each client.

Let’s Start Here!

Before arrival, this is a good place to start your relocation journey. We’ll help you take care of all the arrangements before your arrival.


Case Assessment

  • Connect with a specialist who will guide you with your relocation
  • Make personalized assessment
  • Recommend programs based on your specific needs
  • Answer any questions you might have
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Immigration Services

  • Study the Immigration Case
  • Gather Necessary Documents
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Process Visa
  • Process Work Permit
  • Registration of Visa with International Police Department
  • Obtaining Local Identity Card

Look & See/Preview Trip

  • Preparation prior to arrival
  • Welcome / Transfer
  • Area Tour
  • Schooling Overview

Destination Support

Immigration Services

Assisting the expat in applying and obtaining visa, residence and work permit according with the assignment conditions.

  • Study the Immigration Case
  • Gather Necessary Documents
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Process Visa
  • Process Work Permit
  • Registration of Visa with International Police Department
  • Obtaining Local Identity Card

Orientation Services

Familiarize the assignee with the area and points of interest in the new city. It is a great opportunity for the expat and the family to visualize their upcoming life in the country before moving.

  • LARM's Role
  • About the Country
  • About the Area
  • Housing Overview
  • Schooling Overview
  • Q & A Session

Settling-in Assistance

According with the country requirements and the employee needs, LARM will assist in aspects as:

  • Furniture and Appliances
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Car purchase / Lease / Registration
  • Banking
  • Household Goods and Personal Effects

Tenancy Management

Support the employee in all aspects related to the lease, property, and relations with the Landlord:

  • Repairs, maintenance and cleaning
  • Assist and advise on hiring suppliers for tenancy related matters
  • Payment of monthly services – rent, utilities, garden, maintenance, and any other tenancy related matters to the property
  • Any other property related issues

Property Management

LARM offers Property Management Services that include, among others, the following items for the expat and client:

  • Inspection of Property prior to Expat’s departure
  • Choosing and managing the Realtors for the rental of the property
  • Collecting rent payments and depositing in specific account
  • Providing reports to assignee on a quarterly basis or as specified by client

Cross-Cultural Training

The program is designed to prepare expats and their families for the challenges of day to day living and working in a foreign country. The program will help in developing skills and strategies to deal effectively with the change and enable them to function successfully in their new environment. Minimization of culture shock, and its effects should be the goal of every individual relocating to another culture.

  • Introduction to the Destination Country
  • Managing the transition to new culture
  • Values, attitudes and behavior
  • Home Country
    How to acclimate to new culture
  • Understanding cultural shock and how to deal with it

Spousal Assistance

This program is designed to help the spouse in the host location find either a job if able to work or volunteer services. LARM will guide the expat and spouse to be a resource to understand and take the proper steps in finding a desired opportunity to work or volunteer in country:

  • General overview of employment and volunteer opportunities in country
  • Standard resume styles in host location
  • LARM will recommend the spouse to a recruiting firm
  • Provide general Q&A and additional resources to better support the spouse

Home Finding

Assisting in identifying and acquiring suitable, comfortable housing within the expat’s budget.

  • Identify employee's needs and preferences
  • Search the market for suitable options
  • Arrange tours, including pick-up, transfer, and drop-off, to view the options matching the search criteria
  • Negotiate the rent with the effort to offer the best possible price for client
  • Lease and contract review (contents of contract including obligations, payment details, local regulations, tenancy period, etc.)
  • Pre-Occupancy Inspection
  • Provide complete move in report with photographs of property, documented inventory outlining condition of property, etc.

Rental Furniture

Life keeps you moving. We make you feel at home.

School Finding Assistance

Assisting with all aspects of sourcing best school options for assignee’s children. Service components include providing information and options, scheduling visits and assistance with the enrollment process.

  • Provide search of school which fulfills requested requirements
  • Review vacancies and coordination of appointments
  • Accompanied visit to schools and coordination of exams to be taken
  • Processing of recognition of studies, if necessary
  • Advise assignee of required forms, immunizations, and paperwork
  • Assist with enrollment

Departure Services

Providing assistance with all aspects of departing from a country.

  • Providing cancellation notice
  • Cancellation of services/utilities
  • Check property inventory
  • Closing bank accounts
  • Coordination of work and repairs
  • Return of the property
  • Recovery of security deposit

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